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Age: Unknown, looks to be in his 30s (Over a century, though)
Wish: The thoughts behind this wish are simple. Horus, Garviel's gene-father and son of the Emperor of mankind, has turned utterly against humanity and the Emperor, in cooperation with the Dark Gods of chaos. Garviel has already sworn to oppose him at every turn, at every wall, in every way, until the battle reaches Terra. (This is detailed in his speech during the novel Vengeful spirit). Garviel's state of mind is complex, however. He's just confronted horus after his friend Iacton Qurze was murderd by Horus on the deck of the Vengeful spirit, and sworn everlasting vengeance and opposition to him, even as Horus offered him a chance to rejoin the brotherhood of the mournival at the price of betraying the Emperor and humanity. He was frozen by his own trauma, and post-traumatic stress from the battle of Istvaan 3, where he lost his brother, but seeing Horus callously murder Iacton made his choice now and forever.
"I wish that we would defeat Horus, and protect humanity against Chaos forever."
Result: How was the wish granted?

The effect of this wish is as follows: As in canon, the Emperor wins the battle of Terra blasting Horus out of existence with psychic mind bullets (NO REALLY), but is reduced to a vegetative state, and the Grey Knights, without the now-absent Loken, become the protectors of humankind against chaos. They will become, as the Emperor himself said," "One unbreakable shield against the coming darkness, One last blade forged in defiance of fate, Let them be my legacy to the galaxy I conquered, And my final gift to the species I failed." They protect a humanity that slowly becomes a hyper superstitious and religious parody of everything that Garviel held dear during his time as a member of the great Crusade, and forget even about the Grey Knights, who become secrets held so dearly that no one knows or recognizes their sacrifice. His face will never grace a statue of their tombs on the moon of Titan, but instead, he will pass as an unknown warrior into a new world, to fight against nightmares in the name of humanity elsewhere, content in the knowledge that his sacrifice has saved the Imperium, even as it was damned by the slipperiness of his wish into being something anathema to what it was when he served and loved it.

Garviel's wish is mostly selfless in nature, for while he wishes to help defeat horus, his true goal is to protect humanity forever, which is selfless, and it is in the basic desire of the astartes as they were intended, to serve humanity first as warriors, then as governors and administrators.
Weapon: Chainsword
Outfit: http://img10.deviantart.net/93c5/i/2011/003/e/5/speed_garvi_by_nalro-d35s3sr.jpg


» POWER ONE - Aegis: Garviel's own faith in humanity, the nature of his wish, and his desire to bring a secular light to the universe make him extremely resistant to magical control or corruption. Even the blandishments of his own gene-father empowered as a godling by the forces of Chaos couldn't sway his loyalty in his previous life. his passive power makes him that much more wilfull now. This doesn't stop him from being deceived or tricked, but direct manipulation or control is nigh until impossible.
» POWER TWO - Active ability: Storm's Blade: Garviel's swordsmanship can be empowered briefly beyond human levels. He can deflect bullets (sometimes), and is capable of engaging and doing some harm to supernatural beings. This ability is extremely draining for him, as he is pushing his body well beyond what it would otherwise by capable of, and can cause him gruesome injuries to his bones and muscles if he maintains it for too long. This ability is empowered by his wish, his everlasting desire to protect humanity against the supernatural power of Old Night, of Chaos, and his father Horus.

edit with regain: reduced gruesome bone and muscle injury to physical overstress leaving him unable to move well after extended periods of combat? Like, basically a physical exhaustion debt that he more or less blows himself out, but doesn't cause him to actually require extensive healing for broken bones, anymore.

» POWER THREE - Armour of Faith: Loken's transformed outfit actually functions as plate armor, with some resistance to physical trauma and other forms of attack. It will of course draw on his magical energy, depleting it that much faster when he's forced to receive an attack that might otherwise wound or kill him. Basically, it just makes him incredibly resilient, but with a commensurate cost of corruption of his soul gem.


Weapon summon

I'd like garviel to get a magical version of his http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Boltgun

Basically it's a big shooty .75 caliber gun that would be powered by his magic instead of by actual bolts which would be impossible ot manufacture here anyway. Just a big blasty gun, really.

Also his chainsword.


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