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2017-03-31 01:26 am

Ic inbox

Send Garviel message up in here.

He doesn't have any fancy away messages.
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2016-07-17 12:54 am

Pokemon leveling

Pokemon Levels
Honedge 1
Oddish 1
Garviel 36.
He's coming in with intensive training from weeks 131 and 132.

Gonna catch some Mons once we're done fightan
Don't question it. TRUST ON THIS ONE.
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2016-07-15 12:56 am

Trainer info


Name: (Character Name)
Class: (Uncertain on this one yet
Type: STeel and Fighting
Ability: Child of unyielding steel
Pokémon Bonded: (Number of pokémon your character has)

Abilities: Garviel's initial abilities are enhanced strength and toughness, and some training with a sword and rifle.

and rifle.
Not unlocked from this point onward.
His First Evolution Aka Captain enhances his speed, swordsmanship, and further improves his toughness and strength. Whereby previously he could lift a motorcycle, now he could lift a VW bug.
His second evolution increases his physical mass somewhat, perhaps another foot of height, and makes him a tower of muscle and thick bone. He is at the limits of human at this point, and his eyes sometimes burn with red fire like the Volcano within Caldera itself. He can lift a Truck at this point. He's also tougher against physical attacks, though elemental ones are still in many ways his bane.

Honedge named Vipus and an Oddish named Karkasy. Also a Riolu named Jotaro and a Anorith named Hongo.

Pokémon name
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2016-04-29 08:55 pm

points through feburary 4 comments 6 comments 10 comments 7 comments 16 comments 17 comments 6 comments 6 comments 7 comments 4 comments 5 comments

February 12 comments 34 comments 46 8 comments
54 7 Comments
61 6 comments
67 5 comments
72 10 comments
82 5 comments
87 5 comments
92 6 comments
98 9 comments
107 10 comments
117 8 comments
125 11 comments
136 9 comments
145 14 comments
159 9 comments
168 12 comments
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2016-02-29 02:16 am

Points n shit


Activity Count Total Conversion Points


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2016-02-11 11:07 pm

Soulgemmed info

OOC Information

Contact Information:


Age: Unknown, looks to be in his 30s (Over a century, though)
Wish: The thoughts behind this wish are simple. Horus, Garviel's gene-father and son of the Emperor of mankind, has turned utterly against humanity and the Emperor, in cooperation with the Dark Gods of chaos. Garviel has already sworn to oppose him at every turn, at every wall, in every way, until the battle reaches Terra. (This is detailed in his speech during the novel Vengeful spirit). Garviel's state of mind is complex, however. He's just confronted horus after his friend Iacton Qurze was murderd by Horus on the deck of the Vengeful spirit, and sworn everlasting vengeance and opposition to him, even as Horus offered him a chance to rejoin the brotherhood of the mournival at the price of betraying the Emperor and humanity. He was frozen by his own trauma, and post-traumatic stress from the battle of Istvaan 3, where he lost his brother, but seeing Horus callously murder Iacton made his choice now and forever.
"I wish that we would defeat Horus, and protect humanity against Chaos forever."
Result: How was the wish granted?

The effect of this wish is as follows: As in canon, the Emperor wins the battle of Terra blasting Horus out of existence with psychic mind bullets (NO REALLY), but is reduced to a vegetative state, and the Grey Knights, without the now-absent Loken, become the protectors of humankind against chaos. They will become, as the Emperor himself said," "One unbreakable shield against the coming darkness, One last blade forged in defiance of fate, Let them be my legacy to the galaxy I conquered, And my final gift to the species I failed." They protect a humanity that slowly becomes a hyper superstitious and religious parody of everything that Garviel held dear during his time as a member of the great Crusade, and forget even about the Grey Knights, who become secrets held so dearly that no one knows or recognizes their sacrifice. His face will never grace a statue of their tombs on the moon of Titan, but instead, he will pass as an unknown warrior into a new world, to fight against nightmares in the name of humanity elsewhere, content in the knowledge that his sacrifice has saved the Imperium, even as it was damned by the slipperiness of his wish into being something anathema to what it was when he served and loved it.

Garviel's wish is mostly selfless in nature, for while he wishes to help defeat horus, his true goal is to protect humanity forever, which is selfless, and it is in the basic desire of the astartes as they were intended, to serve humanity first as warriors, then as governors and administrators.
Weapon: Chainsword


» POWER ONE - Aegis: Garviel's own faith in humanity, the nature of his wish, and his desire to bring a secular light to the universe make him extremely resistant to magical control or corruption. Even the blandishments of his own gene-father empowered as a godling by the forces of Chaos couldn't sway his loyalty in his previous life. his passive power makes him that much more wilfull now. This doesn't stop him from being deceived or tricked, but direct manipulation or control is nigh until impossible.
» POWER TWO - Active ability: Storm's Blade: Garviel's swordsmanship can be empowered briefly beyond human levels. He can deflect bullets (sometimes), and is capable of engaging and doing some harm to supernatural beings. This ability is extremely draining for him, as he is pushing his body well beyond what it would otherwise by capable of, and can cause him gruesome injuries to his bones and muscles if he maintains it for too long. This ability is empowered by his wish, his everlasting desire to protect humanity against the supernatural power of Old Night, of Chaos, and his father Horus.

edit with regain: reduced gruesome bone and muscle injury to physical overstress leaving him unable to move well after extended periods of combat? Like, basically a physical exhaustion debt that he more or less blows himself out, but doesn't cause him to actually require extensive healing for broken bones, anymore.

» POWER THREE - Armour of Faith: Loken's transformed outfit actually functions as plate armor, with some resistance to physical trauma and other forms of attack. It will of course draw on his magical energy, depleting it that much faster when he's forced to receive an attack that might otherwise wound or kill him. Basically, it just makes him incredibly resilient, but with a commensurate cost of corruption of his soul gem.


Weapon summon

I'd like garviel to get a magical version of his

Basically it's a big shooty .75 caliber gun that would be powered by his magic instead of by actual bolts which would be impossible ot manufacture here anyway. Just a big blasty gun, really.

Also his chainsword.


Are you okay with fourth-walling? Yes Backtagging? Very yes Shipping? Go for it. Violence? HE'S A WARHAMMER CHARACTER Specify here.</div
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2013-08-12 12:05 pm

Garvi's animus mailbox

Room: 04-06

Collar color: yellow
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2013-02-24 10:51 pm


▼ Garviel Loken [ OU ]
Birthday: July 27th
Astrology Sign: Leo
Soul Arcana: The Emperor
Unlucky Arcana: The Fool , The Moon, The Hanged Man & The Star
String Color: [#E2DDDC]

▼ Personality Snapshot
Garviel is a quiet, grim Space Marine of honor who has seen much betrayal. He is a natural born leader, a space marine who never wavered from the imperial truth, and is desperately loyal to the Emperor. He is a knight-errant in a world of gray.

▼ Visual
▶ [ Fightin garvi]
▶ [Armored Garviel]
▶ [Size comparison]

▼ Profile
▶ [Application]
▶ [HMD]
▶ [Inbox / Phone Post]
▶ [Persona(s)]
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2013-02-24 10:50 pm

ic inbox

Leave a message for Garvi
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2012-09-04 08:46 pm

HMD page

Herp derp
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2012-09-02 09:05 pm

Strings app

Out Of Character Information
Name: What do you want us to call you? Name, nickname, whatever | [[profile] dw] Bill
Age: 32
Time zone: +/- something GMT. (Google "GMT" if you're confused.) EST
Contact: (AIM, PLURK, E-MAIL. List those that you have) Grimdork plurk, Fenrirbill AIM
Anything we should know?: Nope!

In Character Information
Name: Garviel Loken, Cerberus
Series: The Horus Heresy
Canon Standing: The end of Grey Angel
Age: How old are they? Garviel is 200+, looks 30
Birthday & Astrology Sign: Leo, July 27th
Arcana: Emperor

: usual moods Garviel tends towards thoughtful, and sometimes mournful. He has lost all of his closest friends and brothers in a galaxy-spanning civil war. He will most often be contemplating either his present actions, or his future ones. He does not dwell on the past, except how it relates to the present, though his dead brothers continue to haunt him. Due to a recent bout of insanity, he can become very wrathful or mournful at turns, to the point of open weeping, or berserk rages. He is phlegmatic by nature, not melancholic, so when work is to be done, these moods will pass away. Occasionally, he simply wishes to die, and be reunited with his dead brothers, but his own honorable nature doesn't allow him to break his oaths to defend humanity, and uphold the Imperial Truth.

interaction with others Garviel is somewhat reserved at first, a phlegmatic soul by nature. He is generally to the point, though his bluntness rarely is insulting, being possessed of an honorable heart, and will show mercy to any foe that he can manage to show mercy to. This does not apply to traitors and daemons. He will kill them out of hand. Most of the time he tends to seem to have lot of stiffness to his interactions though, and is told even by his friends that he is very prim and proper, "straight up and down" as they put it. It was his honor that impresses most other characters strongly, when they first meet him. Even people not from his culture tend to remark on how innocent he seems. He is generally considered the most human of the Astartes, clearly understanding their place in Imperial society as protectors of normal humans, and making mortal friends. He tends towards formal speech, as all astartes do, though if angry or in extremis he will drop some of the formality and be very, very direct. He doesn't talk much, preferring action and contemplation, or long quiet dialogues with a single person to a large speech. That being said, he is a fairly empathetic man, and an excellent judge of character, as well as a leader of men primarily through example and sensible battlefield tactics. He doesn't insinctually reach for the bravura gesture, prefering a more phlegmatic way of doing things, unlike his gene-father.

and interactions with friends Garviel is still very reserved, even with his friends, earning the sobriquet "The Quiet one" from his gene-father, Horus Lupercal, during his tenure as a member of the Mournival. He is extremely loyal, to point where he stood against Horus and the traitorous members of the Mournival when they rebelled against the Emperor of mankind. He will do almost anything for his brothers, and shows great affection for them from time to time. He is protective of his female friends, such as the remembrancers Mersadie Oliton and Euphrati keeler, at one point kissing Euphrati on the forehead as a sort of benediction. He values honesty and loyalty amongst his friends over anything else, once standing up for an unpopular poet because he told the truth when no one else would.


Canon Powers:

Astartes enhancements: Physical. Basically, these make him super strong, super fast, super tough against most forms of physical trauma, as well as immortal unless killed, as well as easing healing, letting him spit acid, and eat virtually anything (How the organs work)

Power armor: Physical He wears powered armor.

Immune to fear: Mind Astartes are mind-conditioned to know no fear.
Code of honor: Mind Garviel's entire being is based around honor, and innocence, he is immune to the chaos corruption that poisons virtually his entire legion.

Canon Weapons|Items:

Boltgun: Strike, Physical, fire A huge .75 caliber gun that fires mass-reactive exploding shots.
Chainsword: Strike, Physical It is a chainsaw sword built for an 8 foot tall space marine
Combat Blade: Strike, Physical A gladius-length close combat blade that can be energized to improve cutting power.
Canon Allies:

Canon Baggage:
Garviel's Power armor: Basically a big environmentally sealed suit of combat armor that further increases his already impressive physical strength, and interfaces neurally with his altered body.

[Tarik Torgaddon]
LVL 1: Current level 1 | Emperor
WEAK: | REFLECTS: (if any) | ABSORBS: (if any) | BLOCKS: (if any) | RESISTS: (if any)

▶ Skill 1 Cleave Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage on one enemy.
▶ Skill 2 Marakukaja Increases all allies' Defense
▶ Skill 3 Twin Shot Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage twice on one enemy.
▶ Skill 4 Matarukaja Increases all allies' Attack
▷ Skill 5 Rampage Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage up to three times on all enemies.
▷ Skill 6 Mighty Swing Inflicts a medium amount of Physical damage on one enemy.
▷ Skill 7 Torrent Shot Inflicts a medium amount of Physical damage two to three times on one enemy.
▷ Skill 8 Blade of Fury Inflicts a medium amount of Physical damage two to four times on all enemies.
★ Mutation Skill Krak Grenade: Inflicts a medium amount of Fire Damage, knocks the enemy into the down status for one turn.

▶ Skill 1 Physical Boost: Increases Physical damage output by 25%
▷ Skill 2 Physical Amp Increases Physical damage output by 50%.
▷ Skill 3 Endure Dark Automatically survive instant KO one time from a Darkness attack with 1 HP.

1st Person | Action Example
[ Garviel snarls over the watch ]
So, another little trick of the spheres, eh? Another dream of my dead brothers, and another war to win in the name of humanity. Very well. In the Emperor's name I'll fight until the secular truth of the world burns like a flame, and the demons are cast down and broken.

3rd Person | Prose Example
Loken is out, stalking the city streets after midnight. A huge hunter of demons and other foul things, he stoops on a low roof, his armor hissing a bit as he scents the air, seeking out their fetid stink. He has spent 6 months hunting daemons alone, the fact that there might now by others beside him. His bolter and chainsword are maglocked to his back, as they would be too loud, but he holds his combat blade in an overhand, slasher's grip, helm-enhanced eyes seeking out another target to add to his significant tally. This night, as for all nights with the Grey Angel, is one that sees only war, though it is a war in the shadows.
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2012-07-18 10:27 am
Entry tags:

Imperial saga book-keeping factional related info

Rome ranks: Garviel rank 3 general, Eleuseus Rank 2 magistrate, Rank 2 Courtier Medea

Rome 8 units +1 ultramarines from the Empra
Legio I
“The Hammers “
Elite unit (infantry)
Legio II
“The Anvil”
Elite Unit (infantry)
Legio III
“The Scarlet cloaks “
Elite Unit (infantry)
Legio IV
“The Eagle-bearers”
Elite Unit (infantry)
Cataphracti I
“The Iron lance”
Elite unit Cavalry
Ballistae I
“The storm”
Normal Siege company
Ballistae II
“the wall-breakers”
Normal Siege company
Auxilia I
Normal infantry
Normal unit (infantry)

Ultramarines Chapter
Elite Infantry/Siege Company

Faction: Crusade company
1 unit normal infantry
Amestris-born riflemen
1 unit normal infantry
“sons of Zeon” swordsmen
1 Elite infantry
“Honor of Rome” Legion troopers
1 unit normal infantry archers
originally from Britain
“Band of brothers”
1 normal cavalry unit
“The Wanderers”
originally from Nameless states
1 Elite infantry samurai
Originally from Sawa
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2012-07-14 11:48 pm

The dictator and the Senator

Darkness falls over Imperial City, as the dictator of Rome quietly looks out over the plateau, crystal sparking in the night. He stands at the railing of his guest quarters, holding a blank scroll in his hands, pacing back and forth. Troubled and disquieted, his once phlegmatic soul has been twisted by uncertainty, darkness and conflict as it has been since his summoning by Nero, not so long ago. He half crumples the roll, then unfurls it, continuing to pace, like a trapped animal.